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Feeling Drained?

Testosterone therapy may be for you

Our proprietary blend of Bio-FuelTM pellets are bio-identical testosterone hormones in a pellet form implanted under the skin. Unlike creams and gels, this allows the user to receive a slow and steady timed release of the hormone to replace the bodies natural slowing production of testosterone as you age.

This process is healthier and produces better results in most patients.

Replacing testosterone in your body can improve your mental healthy as well as improving your physical drain.

Ask for a testosterone evaluation on your next visit to see if it is a match for you.

How does it work?

Sterile testosterone pellets are used to treat deficiencies and imbalances by implanting them in the subcutaneous tissue of the gluteal area in men and women. They are placed beneath the skin by a qualified health care provider, during a simple office procedure. This method of hormone delivery allows the body to slowly draw out small, physiological doses of the needed hormone, providing for a more consistent steady-state delivery. The pellets typically dissolve over a period of 3 months in women and 4 months in men. At the end of this time new pellets are then implanted, this process is repeated for the lifetime of pellet use


The simple office procedure requires a small local anesthetic injection at the insertion area, followed by a small incision in the skin. The pellets are then inserted into a insertional tract. Once pellets are placed, the incision site is closed with simple steri-strips and then covered with an adhesive dressing. 

Both men and women are prescribed testosterone pellets for a variety of health concerns. They can be used in the treatment of conditions such as: 

Menstrual Headaches                                                                  

Testosterone deficiencies

Vaginal Dryness                                                                              


Weight Gain

Low libido

Urinary problems

Erectile Dysfunction


Weight Gain

Pellet Hormone therapy has been used since the late 1930’s and is often considered one of the most natural ways to deliver hormones to the body. The hormones are identical to the body’s own both structurally and biologically. Because the body does the work on its own once the pellet is inserted, this increases compliance because patients do not have to remember to take a pill, give a painful injection, or apply a cream each day.

Call or email us today to make an appointment to learn more


Brian, Firefighter

Sleep deprivation at my job depleted my testosterone levels. I struggled to improve it with gels and shots. These pellets have been a game changer in improving my levels of energy and testosterone in a healthy way.


Star Rojas

Dr. Curry takes the time to explain everything about the bio identical hormone pellets, and why our bodies need to have balance from them, verses the original method prescribed for years. Instead of a “one size fits all” type of approach, after having blood work ordered, Dr. Curry Has each individual’s pellets made according to what their body is showing it needs for hormones. I have not felt a consistent hormone leveling in YEARS until I started going to Dr. Curry! Thank you!!

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